is a software engineering lab
Jovvo  is a software engineering lab
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Jovvo Labs — Services
  • Our focus is on modelling and research of network stack performance and scalability, targeting to avoid extra complexity of network architecture in various use cases of telecom providers, datacenters and enterprises • A cornerstone of our software engineering is Linux kernel network stack acceleration with hardware network silicon, control plane protocols and overall network telemetry • We offer porting of our software on hardware platforms of different ODM manufacturers, including on demand engineering of kernel drivers, embedded Linux and FreeRTOS software for specific SoC, firmware for FPGA and CPLD • Need custom networking software development? —  Let's talk...
Jovvo Labs — Products
Jovvo NOS
  • Pure Linux NOS tightly integrated with Linux kernel network stack accelerating its performance with hardware ASICs up to multi-Tbps per 1RU box • Hardware agnostic, fully disaggregates Linux NOS software and bare metal switch hardware, capable to run on switch hardware from different ODM manufacturers • Free to choose either our commercial stack of control plane protocols or open source one - FRRouting, Bird, goBGP and etc. • Is just one more Linux server with high capacity networking, thus any Linux management, automation and monitoring tools can be used - iproute2, ifupdown2, puppet, chef, ansible and many other • Need more information? —  Let's talk...
Jovvo Labs — Tools
Jovvo NOS Toolkit
  • Unlocks an opportunity to build your own Jovvo NOS accordingly to your needs from a collection of Linux kernel and user space software code which covers a comprehensive set of data plane and control plane protocols for switching, routing, tunelling and other • Ready to build a feature rich NOS without any modification, but can be used as a framework for building custom network devices as well: data center switch with overlay support, disaggregated cell site gateway, NAT appliance, packet broker for deep network visibility and security, energy effective 5G Core UPF and many others • Contains extensive hardware agnostic test framework which covers all major QA tasks of Jovvo NOS data plane and control plane • Need more information? —  Let's talk...
Jovvo Labs — Support
Technical Support
  • Regular updates of Jovvo NOS software for supported hardware platforms with bug fixes and new features • Commercial grade Jovvo NOS support under SLA up to 24x7, including zero-day bug fixes of proprietary and open source components (Linux kernel, FRRouting and other), out of the main line interims for critical bugs • Professional Services for on demand customization of Jovvo NOS software with specific features and protocols and assistance in integration it into entire customers' IT infrustructure • 24x7 access to commercial components of Jovvo NOS on internal portal • Need more information? —  Let's talk...
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